Saturday, October 1, 2011


**Before I start my first review from my year-long hiatus, I'd like to say "Hello again!" to everyone.  I'm glad to get back into food blogging and hope it'll be as much fun as I remembered it was.  Now, on to the good stuff.**

Working in certain neighborhoods in downtown Seattle can have its advantages. During lunchtime I'm surrounded by many places where I can get my fill to my delight. One of these establishments is called Pie and, as the name implies, they sell pie!

At Pie you can get handmade, handheld savory or sweet pies. I've tried almost every single pie flavor they have, since I visit often and I usually get one sweet and one savory pie every time. The savory flavors include steak & potato, English meat, broccoli & cheese, smoked turkey, etc. Some sweet pies include: maple bacon, key lime, mixed berries, coconut cream, etc. My favorite savory pie would have to be the pepper steak. It's almost like a beef stew in a handheld pie (but not as messy). My favorite sweet pie would have to be the maple bacon. Unfortunately, this pie is seasonal and so they don't have it everytime I go in for a visit. Image a maple cream filling topped with crispy bacon bits. Simply delicious!

The awesome bakers at Pie usually have a few rotating pies and some seasonal ones as well. The staff at Pie are very laid back and hospitable. They're also open to any ideas for potential pie flavors you might have. Trust me, I've got food ideas. :)

The establishment is nestled in a really good location on a main road in the Fremont neighborhood. It's not a huge place inside, but it will accommodate a small to medium party if you have one. There are also a couple of outside tables for those nice, sunny days (yes, we have those in Seattle). I love that they stay open late during the weekends. They have a side window that's open until 2am!! Perfect for those late-night party-goers looking for a tasty treat.

OK, here's the breakdown using my 5-"Nom" system (5 being the highest):

Service, 5-NOMs= The staff is pretty awesome there. They truly stand behind their product. If it looks anything but picture perfect or appetizing they'll give you a discount. And, if you're a regular, they've been known to hook up customers with free pies.

Atmosphere/Location, 2.5-NOMs= Downtown is always busy and along with that is the usual horrible parking problem. Pie does not have its own parking, so you'll have to find streetside (good luck during busy hours). If you work or live nearby, then no worries. It's right in the heart of Fremont. The inside is very fitting for this establishment. It's open so you can see the bakers doing their thing.

Food Presentation, 3.5 NOMs= I think Pie is a great concept. Who wouldn't like a handheld meal on the go. The product looks great. There is that one chance that it'll collapse on you while you're on the go, but that's why it's in a container too. Each pie is unique and has a different look depending on what it is. Very cool.

Taste, 4 NOMs= I've liked all the pies I've tried with the exception of probably only one. For the most part, they're delicious, well-seasoned, and full of flavor.

Value, 5 NOMs= Under $5 for a hearty, flavorful, mobile meal. You can't beat that really. They even have mini pies, if you just want a taste and don't really want to dish out that much. They even have a lunch deal where you can get a Pie combo for a pretty good price.

Originality, 5 NOMs= There isn't any other place around here that I know of that serves up handheld sweet and savory pies.

Overall, 4.1 NOMs= Not bad, Pie. Not bad at all. Keep dishing out new and original flavors and I assure you I'll be coming back for more. First there was the cupcake craze. Now, I think it's going to be a handheld pie craze.

"Food?'s O.N.N.N.!" 

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