Friday, November 13, 2009


No, I'm not talking crazy. Kukuruza is a new gourmet popcorn store that opened up a couple of blocks east of Pike Place Market. I happened to come across this new place by accident as I was walking downtown from the Market.

When you walk in, you'll be amazed by not only the awesome aroma coming from the freshly popped popcorn and the other ingredients, but also by the assortment of popcorn flavors and the gift tins along the wall (sorry, I didn't get pics of those).

They have really decadent flavors such as "black raspberry liqueur with vanilla cream" or "egg nog with brandied chocolate" (yeah, you're drooling, aren't you?). Or, if you want to go savory, you could try the "buffalo wing and blue cheese" popcorn. I love it when people come up with crazy concoctions like this.

Anyway, be sure to check this place out at and maybe order up some as a nice Christmas gift. I know I'll be heading back there soon to do just that.


  1. YUM. I need to check this place out!!!

  2. Gracie, it's a pretty cool place. You'll love the aroma once you enter. I'm heading back there to buy some specialty tins as Christmas gifts.

  3. This sounds awesome for all the popcorn lovers out there. I'll be sure to check out their website.