Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Continental Pastry Shop

I was down in the University District yesterday with the intention of checking out the "Applepalooza" at the Farmer's Market. I managed to get there when it was just ending, so I didn't even attempt to see what was left. However, for all you local Seattle-ites, be sure to check out the U-District Farmer's Market every Saturday morning from 10-2. It's pretty nice.

Anyway, while I was in the area, I had lunch at a Greek restaurant on "The Ave" (what the locals call the main strip near the University of Washington) called The Continental Pastry Shop. When you first walk into the store, there's this glass case that houses a bunch of Greek pastries. There's also a little "store" to the side that sells Greek pantry items to make Greek dishes/desserts. Sorry, I wasn't able to get pics of all that.....but I did get some of the food.

It wasn't really busy at the time, so it was easy and quick to grab a table. The service was very nice and immediately brought out the complimentary ice water (my favorite drink). The atmosphere was very laid back, clean, and somewhat quiet. It was a pretty nice day outside, so there was a lot of natural light that came in sitting by the windows.

The menu displayed a lot of Greek specialties from which to choose. My favorites are usually the lamb and/or chicken slouvaki platters, or just the traditional gyro. After the order was taken, it seemed only about 15 minutes later the food was out. Not bad timing for nicely grilled meats.

I was able to sample a slouvaki/meat platter with lamb sausage and patties, chicken and lamb slouvaki skewers, lemon rice soup, Greek rice and beans, and a lamb gyro. Of course, everything came with that white tszeki (sp?) sauce. Check out the delicious dishes:

Now for my 5-doughnut rating system:

  • Service, 3.5 doughnuts= They were very nice, accommodating and attentive

  • Atmosphere/Location, 2 doughnuts= The atmosphere was that of a normal cafe type of restaurant. The location is in the middle of a busy strip and there is no off-street parking. You would have to find your own parking streetside or in a nearby pay lot. I'm always lucky with finding close parking, so it's never a huge problem for me.

  • Food Presentation, 3 doughnuts= I thought the food looked delicious when it came out. Maybe it was just because I was really hungry. Seriously though, the meats looked freshly grilled, and it was laid out nicely.

  • Taste, 3 doughnuts= The lamb patties, skewer, and sausage and gyro were really delicious. They were very tender and had a lot of flavor (lamb usually does). The chicken was just alright. I thought it could use a bit more seasoning. I've tried better gyros, but it was still fresh tasting and had a lot of flavor. The tszeki sauce had a nice tang.

  • Cost/Value, 3 doughnuts= The prices were reasonable. I've been to other Greek restaurants and they're usually about the same price for what's offered. This place also offers a-la-carte, so you can get a nice big gyro without the Greek fries and salad for only about $4.95.

  • Originality, 2.5 doughnuts= Nothing too original at this place, except that they're also a bakery and a mini-store all in one.

  • Overall, 3 doughnuts= This is a pretty good Greek restaurant, although I know of a couple slightly better ones. The staff there are very friendly and hospitable, and the food is delicious. I'd give them a thumbs up.

They don't have their own website, but you can check out a review site here:



  1. I love Greek food! The meat platter does look really tasty! I bet Seattle does have some great Greek restaurants!

  2. Me too. I like how they use grilled lamb and other meats in their dishes. And even their salads are hearty and filling.

  3. Each dish looks delicious ! and thank you for visiting our blog.. now to start browsing your world of food..