Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bite of Seattle on Sunday

Well, I finally did attend the Bite of Seattle this year. I was debating whether or not to actually go. I know that's weird for me to say, since I normally do attend every year (and yes, I am usually all about food). It's just this year I didn't have a huge desire to go. I've toned it down from eating because I'm trying to stay a little more fit and healthy. Nevertheless, I had some time to kill after church, and I was a little hungry. I do have pics, but unfortunately they are just of the Seattle Center area and not the food itself. Sorry. I was too hungry to remember to take a pic before I ate the food.

As expected, the parking situation was a little crazy. There were a lot of spaces right outside the Seattle Center, but they were going for like $15-$20. I was like....what?! I went around the center twice before I caught a $10 lot, which just happened to be right across the street from the center. I said, "Why not?" I parked.
The crowd was not as intense as it usually is compared to Friday and Saturday (from previous experience). There were some huge gaps of just empty space. There was a lot of fresh grass just open in front of a couple of the stages. So, for those of you who don't like extremely huge crowds but would still like to try out the Bite, then go on a Sunday.

I passed through the Tom Douglas vendor section called "The Alley". For a fee you can try little samples from about 7 of his restaurants. It looked good, but the line was too long. I even bumped into an old friend that was waiting that I used to work with. If you're reading this, good to see you again, E.D.

I did a walk through of almost the entire center before deciding on a crabcake for starters. I kept telling myself that I had a lacrosse game a couple of hours later, so I didn't eat too much. After the delicious crabcake I hit up another vendor and had a lambsteak sandwich. That was very tasty as well. That's pretty much all I had at the Bite.
After that, I just walked around and checked out the other non-food vendors that were selling their items. I came across this one stand that sold wooden puzzles (all very cool) and some large sheets of hand-pressed paper straight from Thailand. If you look into the paper, you can see real dried flowers and leaves from different plants (there were some paper sheets that were made out of coconut or papaya, etc). I asked what it's used for and he said that people use it as very original stationary. I thought that this isn't really my thing....but I automatically thought of someone that might just like this. I figured it would be a good gift for someone I know. Anyway, I'm not going to post pics of them on this blog. Check out my normal blog for those pics, since they're non-food related.
Anyway, if you've never been to the Bite of Seattle, it happens every year in July. Be sure to try it out at least once, especially you Seattle-ites that have told me that you've never been. Later.

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