Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hey everyone. This post is going to be about chocolate and smores, so if you don't like that....well, leave! Just kidding.

I recently tagged along with a nice group of friends to Theo Chocolates down in Fremont. Apparently, one day out of this month was "National Smores Day" (I didn't even know one existed, although it doesn't surprise me.), and Theo chocolates decided to honor it in a 3 consecutive day tribute by making smores for its patrons. No, they weren't free, but they were only $3.

Basically, you had to go inside, pay your $3 and show your receipt to the smore-builders outside the factory. Incidentally, honoring National Smores Day is a big deal because the store was pretty packed.

Anyway, after I got my receipt I stood in line in front of the tent where they were making the smores. Everyone got to choose any Theo Chocolate bar flavor, which they grabbed out of a bag and used to make your smores. I ended up choosing the Chai, which happens to be my favorite bar from Theo's. This wasn't just any smores though. This one had specially/hand-made, rich and delicious graham crackers and marshmallows. Although the smores weren't that big, the quality was well worth it. I believe today was the last day, so sorry to all you local Seattle-ites that wanted to try it.

Theo Chocolates is a local, fair-trade chocolate company. They have many different organic milk and dark chocolates from which to choose. There are some really "weird" (well, at least to me) flavors like coconut curry. I did try it before, but it's not something I'd get again. Stick with the Chai!

Anyway, check out and enjoy the pics. Be sure to check back frequently because I'm already backed up on reviewing some local Seattle restaurants and eats. Until next nom nom nom.


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